Six-week programme

Your route to becoming Smokefree

When you choose to quit smoking with Smokefree Ealing, you’ll receive ongoing support from a professional stop smoking advisor. The programme lasts for six weeks. Week by week, you’ll notice all kinds of benefits to your wallet and wellbeing.

During week 1 you will:

  • Set a quit date
  • Build on your motivation
  • Develop coping and distraction techniques, and how to deal with withdrawal symptoms
  • Agree on suitable medications
  • Have your carbon monoxide levels measured

During week 2 you will:

  • Receive support and encouragement
  • Discuss any difficulties
  • Identify high-risk times in the coming weeks
  • See your carbon monoxide levels begin to drop

During weeks 3-5 you will:

  • Receive specialist ongoing weekly support
  • Breathe, taste and smell more easily
  • Notice more money in your pocket
  • Discuss any difficulties

During week 6 you will:

  • Thoughts about smoking are much less frequent and pass easily
  • Discuss methods of coping and addressing any potential high-risk situations in the future

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